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Få ytterligare 20% rabatt. Använd koden CW20 vid utcheckning.

Earn up to 15% commission on sales referred via the Shopsta Affiliate Program

Why Join Shopsta EU Affiliate Program?

Instant Commission: With our affiliate program you can generate instant commission links for Shopsta EU products and share them on your website or with your followers. No approval needed. Start earning as soon as you share your link!

Discover and Share Products You Love: Search through our vast range of products, find what you love, and see how much you can earn from sharing them with your followers.

Get Paid Right Away: Track your link visits and sales easily. Enjoy the convenience of getting paid automatically every month.

Work Closely with Shopsta EU: Apply for a deeper relationship with us. We offer perks and incentives to our inner circle, which you can view on our Collabs brand profile.

Better Commission Rates: Increase your earnings with our larger commission rates.

Discounts for Your Followers: Share more incentives with your followers. Get personalized codes and links for your followers to enjoy discounts on our products.

Gifts and Samples: Receive Shopsta EU products to test out and create content with.

Earn sales commission selling our great products by joining our program today. We’ll help you get setup.

You've built your audience from the ground up. Let Shopsta EU help you monetise it. Join the Shopsta EU Affiliate Program today!

Join the Shopsta EU Affiliate Program

Shopsta EU offers a great selection of products with a specialty in consumer electronics. Promote products to the EU market and earn substantial commission fees.

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Partnership opportunities

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Discount codes
  • Gifting
  • Campaigns
  • Additional opportunities

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